Testimonial from Alexis Carter & Nicholas Molinaro

Alexis Carter & Nicholas Molinaro Wedding

Alexis Carter & Nicholas Molinaro Wedding

February 25th, 2012

Karen, Kim, & the amazing crew at The RiverFront Cafe,

Thank you for the amazing, flawless, delicious, beautiful, wedding! Nick & I had an awesome time, we barely remember anything — because the time went by so fast, but the video sure helps us remember! As we look back, we see all the little touches put together, we could not have done it without your entire team. I hope in the end, my attention to detail didn’t make me too much of a bridezilla! :) I really tried not to be!

Thank you guys again! I cannot wait to tell the world about you.

God bless you & yours,
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Molinaro